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Art at Good Shepherd

Art is a universal language that has its own characteristics. It's not only a visual way of self-expression, but it carries a message as well. Therefore, besides the large variety of hands on activities that give students an avenue for self-expression and help build their self-esteem, each student in every grade level will explore and learn the elements and principles of art. They will have a chance to practice and apply the techniques into their own work. Throughout the year, students will develop an understanding and appreciation for art as they explore and analyze some exemplary art work from great artists of the world.

Elementary art education helps to develop and improve students' skills in the following:

Art Production or creating art gives opportunities for children to express themselves visually and communicate their own ideas and feelings.

Art History assists children in understanding works of art. Students learn about the artist, the function, and the culture in which the art was created. Students also learn how and why art has changed over time.

Art Criticism gives children the opportunity to engage in oral discussions that describe, interpret, and evaluate art that was made by artists as well as their own creations.

Aesthetics provides students with different ways to study the elements and principles of art, it also gives them a new understanding of how to appreciate and value art.