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Foreign Language


Good Shepherd and Little Flock Preschool offer foreign language for students 2 years- 2nd grade. We are committed to preparing our students for the global economy by seizing the opportunity to teach foreign language when learning is optimal.

Families may choose one of the following foreign languages:

  1. Arabic
  2. Spanish

All grades will have two Arabic sessions each week for 30 minutes.
The Goals for learning Arabic
(The five C's of Arabic language study)
1- Communication
2- Cultures
3- Connections
4- Comparisons
5- Communities

Teaching Aides
Flash cards
Visuals aids
Arabic movies (i.e. Veggie Tales, Sesame Street, Barney)
Curriculum Books

We are going to use different books for reference
Iqra' Arabic reader (level one)
Ahlan wa sahlan (Functional Modern Standard Arabic for Beginners)
Alif Baa with DVDs (Introduction to Arabic letters and sounds
Different kinds of activities books and Arabic stories

• We will have 2 parties One in April after Easter Another One in May(International day)
• We invite two people from the 2 Arabic speaking countries to speak to the children.
• Students from 1st grade & 2nd grade will complete projects about the 2 countries.

"I was thrilled to find that GSCA not only offered foreign language twice a week, but that it even offered Arabic. Though our children had never studied Arabic before, my husband and I chose to enroll them both in Arabic because we saw this as an exceptional opportunity to learn one of the world’s most in-demand languages. Thanks to the excellent and patient instruction of Mrs. Zaki, our children were reading and writing in Arabic script as well as reciting the Lord’s Prayer in Arabic by the end of the second quarter. I am especially thankful for the opportunity for them to learn Arabic from an instructor who loves the Lord Jesus and chooses the curriculum material carefully to make certain that it honors Christ. " K.S. GSCA parent






All grades will have two Spanish sessions each week for 30 minutes.
Curriculum and Worktext : Pasaporte al Spañol BJU PRESS

Integral to our core curriculum is a world language program that helps prepare students to be participants in the global community. The Spanish curriculum engages students in meaningful experiences using authentic content that integrates Spanish with other disciplines. As students are provided with repeated exposure and opportunities to practice and apply their skills, they develop a practical use of the language.

Bible: Children learn verses shown in bilingual Bible developed for young ages. Unlike elementary and 7th - 8th children, who practice reading the whole passage of the Bible in addition to learn the verse.

Dynamic: Songs, games, flash cards, books, board, pictures, worksheets appropriates for each grade.

Special Projects  HISPANIC MONTH ( OCTOBER ) During this month, your child is going to learn about different Hispanic countries.
At the end of this month, each grade is going to have the opportunity to share what they did and learned about Hispanic countries.