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Music touches the mind, body, and spirit. Music is a compelling, meaningful, and powerful force in our lives. The study of music is vital to the appreciation and understanding of our culture and other cultures of the world. Through listening, performing, and composing, we create opportunities for our students to have a deeper understanding of music.

The music curriculum is based on experiential learning. The primary goal of the music program is to develop basic music literacy and to insure that students have a basic knowledge of music history and literature. The music curriculum is organized as an inverted pyramid. As beginning musicians, students learn general skills and concepts. Once they develop more skills, they have access to a wide variety of performance, composition, and theory courses, so they can explore their own creative musical impulses.

Research shows music skills directly improve reading, math, and coordination. Singing is a daily experience in the lower school music classroom. Additionally, movement, instrumental accompaniment, and improvisation are used on a regular basis. All children are encouraged to respect each others efforts as well as to be accepting partners in any game or movement. Children learn to listen, observe, and evaluate their own efforts and musical growth.

Private music lessons are available after school. Please contact main office for more information. 

Kindergartner's engage in music through guided exploration that allows them musical self- expression. Children learn songs, and follow simple dance and movement directions with different rhythms.

First and Second Grade
First and second graders further develop their understanding of pitch, melody, and rhythm by being the musicians and dancers themselves. In addition to being introduced to the basic elements of music, students are also exposed to various aspects of music such as syncopation; they learn how these terms relate to things they hear, sing, and enjoy.