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Good Shepherd Christian Academy


 Good Shepherd Christian Academy is proud to announce our exciting technology partnership with Global Academics and the University of Richmond. The Trajectory partnership provides our students with the finest technology education available today. Components of the program include:

Integration Training for Teachers

A comprehensive teacher training program designed to develop our teachers’ skills in instructional theory, curriculum integration and application software. Our teachers earn continuing education credits for their participation in our technology workshops.

Integrated Curriculum

Our technology program is based on more than 350 literacy objectives in 10 different technology areas. Curriculum is designed to be integrated with our classroom studies so our students use the computer as a tool to develop projects and presentations.

Curriculum Delivery Support

Our staff is trained and supported by an experienced staff of technology coordinator from Global Academics, who provides valuable assistance to all areas of our technology program development.

Technology Resource Center (TRC)

With the TRC, we can provide our students and teachers access to a variety of resources including integrated technology lesson plans, direct links to thousands of educational Web sites, a citation engine, and a password-protected portfolio for storing their work.

Trajectory Overview for Students

• Trajectory helps teachers teach MS Office: Microsoft Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Publisher® – the actual software kids will need to use in high school, college, and in their careers.
• Trajectory is not a textbook; it’s a comprehensive program of hands-on lesson plans that use real-life projects they can relate to.
• Trajectory provides an online “workspace” (our Technology Resource Center) because students use computers for a lot of different course work. This lets students save, manage, and share their projects for different subjects. The TRC also makes computer lesson plans available to them in multiple versions of MS Office in case their home and school versions are different.
• We spiral the learning process, so students visit each application multiple times as they progress from kindergarten to 6th grade, reviewing, reinforcing, and building their skill set as they go.